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As Democrats we believe the purpose of government is:


  To act on behalf of the public good;

 To create and execute policies and laws that promote and protect everyone’s human rights equally;

  To protect our shared environment;

  To promote justice, safety and security;

  To oversee the equitable distribution of resources, affording all citizens the opportunity to attain their highest level of social, cultural, economic, mental, and physical well being;

 To restore Iowa’s legacy of educational leadership, setting the standard to which all others aspire;

  To ensure that as temporary stewards of our national resources, our governing bodies develop policies and laws promoting sound energy practices and permanently protecting our environment from wasteful and indiscriminate use: and

  To search for peace and peaceful solutions to the world’s problems.

2013 Meetings

Washington, Iowa 52353

Info: gilplat@windstream.net

Periodic meetings will be held at a place to be determined

When: Monthly Meetings will be held every 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Monthly meetings will be held at the Washington Public Library on the 2nd floor.

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